Friday, August 29, 2008

Immediate Effects of Climate Changes on Deforested Environment

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Vaniel Louis, Macceau Medozile [et al.] will be featured on "La Petite Histoire de la Ville des Cayes" this coming Sunday (@ 2:00 PM) to talk about "Wood-working, Carbon-making, forest resources management and the immediate effects of climate changes on deforested
environment [in the Caraibbean] on HAIMUSIQUE (la radio cayenne d'outre-mer).

They will also talk about tropical depression, the cyclonic period and urban safety.

Don't miss out!

HAIMUSIQUE, a community initiative for education and entertaiment... music to listen on the job and at home.


M. Peguy Medozile
MRTG, New York, NY)

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